Phoenix Photo Vision is  a project  I started on 8th of November,2014. From then  on, Camera became my prism to see the world through. Most importantly it  became a tool to express beauty as I see  it. Yes, Beauty - I believe that beauty  runs the world. As my best friend puts it - Beauty gonna save the world ! - And I am talking about  beauty which can be  felt or sensed in a manner sometimes eyes can not see. My biggest inspiration is Women - strong, fragile or sensual; wounded or still filled with naivety, with aspiring dreams or shattered hopes. Intimate to the bones or distant, wandering through their dreamworlds. In my eyes - each of them has a story to tell. By looking at each of them - I can feel my own reflection - their story - becomes my story. We are one.  It does not mean, that I limit myself to  shooting only women, but it is them that mostly dominate in my work. And I am impatiently looking forward to each shoot, which always  proves to be absolutely new experience. 

I do hope to shoot  more men in the future. It intrigues me - the world I am gonna  find, once gonna  observe them through the lens. But it is a new land I haven't fully stepped into yet.

As for creative process - I  do both Photographing and after processing of the images - both  are  equally important  parts of my creative  expression. I do think of themes,locations and  find props, but I am always  more than open to  shoot and work on your ideas. References  and reviews of people i have worked  with, can  be  found on my profile. Publications can be seen under my Publications section. I do always look for designers  and make-up artists to collaborate with - so if you are one - drop me a  line.

I Hope you enjoy my  work as much as I do :)

​Stay beautiful and make  world  into more  beautiful place  to live in !

And Never Forget

 The Beauty Lies in the eyes of the Beholder !

Like what you see?

view my portfolio. Then, let my lens tell your story.

"Believe in the beauty,  be  Beauty -  both  Inside and  Out.

And  when  you see it - Capture it ! - For the  rest of the  world  to see it."

By Ausra Strumskyte